New comer

Hi guys!

Glad you took me in :slight_smile:
Iโ€™m a new pilot, been getting to know the game for the past week.
I really like what I see (if i turn a blind eye on the countless bugs that forced me to repeat the same mission 20 times)
but its hard to get along the galaxy with nothing but my trusty Mustang by my side.

I joined this clan to learn from you guys and contribute to this clan, get the perfect job and earn money like a decent StarCitizen :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see you all in-game,

Hi Fatalrage, welcome to ADI.

We all were new to this once, if you hop in mumble you will find guys who are more than happy to help answer questions about the game, or explain stuff that isnโ€™t readily apparent. In the meantime feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and I hope to see you in mumble soon.

Hi Fatalrage welcome to ADI!
Great that you have joined our ranks.

bye changenl

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries fatalrage!

Good on you for pushing past the bugs and trying out the content, it can certainly be frustrating sometimes, but we will get there eventually!

The Mustang is a great shuttle, you will not be sad that you have it am sure. If you ever want to borrow some bigger or different ships, hit us up in Mumble, there is almost always someone around who could lend you a ship.