new clan member

Hello im Movan 60 i am a new clan member and learning the game so i hope once i can fly a ship we can have fun ,thanks.

Hi Movan,

A warm welcome to the organization and nice that you joined.
Looking forward to make some miles with you in the universe!

Bye Changenl

Welcome to ADI Movan60 it was nice talking with you earlier I hope you have figured out your landing issues if not just shoot me a message and we can try to get if figured out when we have some time or check on the forums and in Discord I’m sure you are not the first person have this problem and if it is a bug with the Mustang you will just need to wait until 3.0 and I’m sure it will be taken care of at that point. if you have any other questions just send me a message. I will see you around.

Hi Movan60,

It’s awesome you’re here with ADI! I once joined too with the intention of learning more about SC. ADI is developing and has released certs. Certs are intended to help train. We also have Friday flight nights that are useful to that end as well. Check our calendar for more. See you around soon hopefully