New Citizen - Hyndrosa1


Let me start off by saying that I spent the last 3 entire days looking at so many organizations within RSI and you guys take the cake! I’m a 37 yr old male who’s new to PC’s but not to gaming. I’m a father, husband and enjoy real life just as much as the gaming life. I’m currently in the USAF and have been for almost 18 yrs. I love the fact that you guys base yourselves around past and present military members who know to communicate, work as a team, and help out where the world, or system needs you.

I’m very laid back, so be sure to hit me up anytime you’re on looking to team up. Other than that, I look forward to seeing you guys in game and running through my initiation process!

  • Hyndrosa1

Hi Hyndrosa1,

Welcome to the org, come on Mumble whenever you’re available, that’s the best way to group up and play together :slight_smile:

Thank you Sangoria, I appreciate the welcome and I’ll be sure to look for you tonight. We had a pretty fun time last night with a few of us. Either way, hope to see you there.

  • Hyndrosa1