New Applicant - OutlawDisc


Hello everyone,

I have been playing MMOs off and on since the late nineties and I am very excited about SC. My background is in medical science (immunology PHD). I now trade FOREX for a living.

I am applying to ADI because I am looking for a mature, well organized group that focuses of teamwork. I hope to be able to contribute to ADI’s commercial and military ventures.


Welcome OutlawDisc! Based on your desires for an org I can tell you that you’ve found the right place. If you’re new to SC we have a ton of players that are more than willing to get you up to speed, myself included. What ships do you own and how long have you had SC?


Welcome OutlawDisc! Glad to have you with us in ADI, you picked the right place to call home, we have many active members and always people online to play with and learn. What ships do you currently have? Hope to see you in the Verse!


Welcome to ADI OutlawDisc. ADI matches exactly what you posted you are looking for in an org. SC keeps expanding with each patch iteration and the best way to experience it is with a dedicated, organized and mature group. Fly safe and look forward to flying with you soon.


Welcome to ADI, Outlaw! Sounds like you picked the right place. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Hope to see you in the 'Verse soon!


Hello OutlawDisc and welcome to ADI! I am sure you will find what your looking for in ADI! There is a lot of action and the cert training and Ops are always a good place to start. Be sure to check the dates out on the forums. I look forward to seeing you in the Verse!


Hello OutlawDisk, welcome to ADI! We are excited to have you contribute to our efforts. Please jump on anytime and group up with us. I always prefer a group rather than solo play.


Welcome to ADI OutlawDisc :slight_smile:

It was very nice to talk to you in the onboarding.
I hope you feel at home here.

See you in the Verse!


Welcome to ADI OutlawDisc. I know you’ve found the right org. Hope to see you in the verse soon.


Greetings OutlawDisc,

I for one am very glad to have you here with us. You missed the discord chat about vaccines, but the other MD’s set everyone straight. :slight_smile:

Let me know if I there is anything I can do to help you out.



Thank you Valmont! I look forward to playing with all of you in the 'Verse. I currently have an Idris-P (with the aftermarket weapon upgrades), 3 Sabres, a Super Hornet, an Eclipse, a Vanguard Warden, an Arrow, a Cutlass Black, a Prospector, a Constellation Aquila, and a 600i Explorer. Some of this may change soon.


Thank you Lacoste for walking me through the onboarding! It was a pleasure to speak to you, and thank you for your patience with my com issues!


Welcome to ADI OutlawDisc. I think you’ll find that ADI is the perfect relaxation medium after a day of trading. Lots of support, teammates willing to drop what they’re doing to help. Certifications, Mass Ops and plenty of team play be they police actions or clearing the road to JumpTown. Welcome home.


Greeting OutlawDIsc, We are glad to have you on board. Like many of us, we all enjoy MMOs or especially SC. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. See you in the verse.


Welcome Outlaw to ADI =D, i see you in the verse


Hello Outlawdisc,

Sounds like your well on your way to really enjoying SC. That’s quite the fleet you have…so far.

See you in the 'verse!