Net Neutrality you say?

Here is an article abou the FCC is aiming for another Net Neutrality Proposal that will “ban paid prioritization and the blocking and throttling of lawful content and services.”


What are your opinions?

“The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.”

― Eric Schmidt

The internet should be classified as a utility as it is necessary for everyone, you would be hard pressed to even get a job without it.

Internet is a basic human right.

We subscribe to both the WSJ and the NYT, so I regularly get to see editorials on both sides of the question. I am also old enough to remember when a Hayes 1200 baud modem was smokin fast.

WSJ: Net Neutrality is another Obama attempt to expand Big Government and inhibit Private Commerce ! If any broadband providers did the things the Obama Administration is concerned they might do, their customers would simply choose another broadband provider!!! Why do Youtube and Netflix expect to be able to dump data into and clog the broadband providers’ networks without having to pay for access ??

NYT: Hey, you know, broadband providers should not be able to throttle / deprioritize the traffic from companies that offer their customers services that competes with services that they also provide.

I live in a large metropolitan area (Portland, OR). For several years my only viable broadband provider was Comcast. Because I live in a dense, urban neighborhood, you would think I would have several options for broadband - but because I live in a dense, urban neighborhood, the telecoms have put all of their infrastructure upgrades into the new suburbs, which have fiber, and until last year I was still hooked up to 80 year old telco lines. So Comcast was my only option over a 1.5mbit DSL line.

Last year we had issues streaming Netflix. It would take a long time to load, it would time out during replay, etc. I called Comcast to complain. While taking the information, the CSR said “Did you know we offer Streampix? It offers blah blah blah …”.

The WSJ’s arguments fail on two key points.

  • not all cable broadband customers have an option to switch to a different broadband provider
  • there are no companies that “dump data” into a broadband providers’ network. Rather, what happens is that the customers of a broadband provider want to actually use their paid for bandwidth to access services provided by external parties on the internet

Over the last 20 years the ISP market has vastly centralized. Now that it has, something has to be done. Existing law (the Telecommunications Act of 1996) does nothing to prohibit most broadband providers from nefarious activities like completely deprioritizing or dumping entirely VOIP traffic to third parties, streaming video, etc. Something has to be done.

I’m about the biggest small government guy you’ll every meet… and completely believe a true free market is the answer to virtually all issues… but we don’t have a free market when it comes to Internet service in this country… We have Government backed monopolies and doupolies where people are limited to their choices.

The internet is telecommunications infrastructure, and a simple rule in place for the better part of 40 years that all telecom traffic must be treated equally and delivered without question is a basic rule needed to curb these government backed companies who have been repeatedly caught cheating.

I’d rather do away with the government backed companies, or reduce their involved to nothing more than last mile providers… but until we do that regulating what are basically government companies masked as private companies seems reasonable.

I’d say for this sensitive matter one should consult a true American patriot such as US senator Ted Cruz:

Besides, Ted Cruz is not only a senator, a creationist and a climate change denier but was also most recently appointed as the new boss of NASA (this is not a joke, he really got that position).

At last we will learn where they faked the Moon landings.