Need to make a little apologie


You won’t know me since i haven’t played yet. I signed up around April 4th when i downloaded the game. I had allot of errors with the game cause the launcher didn’t work. Even got allot of help from you guys on mumble.

After a few tries i got a bit angry and gave it all up. Also lost my job so life was being $@#@!! . Getting everything back on track now and with that you also need to relax, so i retried to install SC. And only after 2,5 hours of trying posting on official forums i figured out why it didn’t work. Fixed it and as i type this its downloading with 9mb :slight_smile:

I forgot the person who i had talked with on mumble that invited me, Ty again :slight_smile:

I hope to see you all in game(finally :smiley: ) and figure out how the game works cause it still looks awsome


We are big on the real life comes first creed around here. If you have RL issues that’s gunna take you away for a bit just try to give someone a heads up.

So welcome back bud, don’t forget to hop in mumble again soon. :slight_smile:

Welcome back Chipo!