Need Help with Rudder Calibration Issue...

Help would be greatly appreciated on this one, folks.

Just after unboxing and assembling a new Crosswind rudder system, I believe I made a shitty error.

BEFORE installing the drivers & running the software per instructions, I mistakenly calibrated via control panel/game controllers. I was clueless. Only needed to use MFG Configurator software!

So this apparently means that it doesn’t matter that I successfully calibrated per instructions (which I did), because my PC’s controller setups function sabotaged that.

Alright then… that sucks. A lot.
But what would you tech savvy folk do?
What are my next moves?

Zarkloyd said it might require redoing registry entries?
Hopefully there’s a manageable solution.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t have a rudder system, so don’t take me to court over this. I’d personally try removing it from device manager (as in uninstall device along with drivers), then try re-adding it. Theory is your computer would treat it as a whole new device thus starting from a clean slate. Probably quicker than digging through regedit for hours, and has worked for me for a heap of other problems in the past.

That said I’m not sure how windows handles “profiles” these days, if it’s linked to the hardware ID or user account or some other bs.
Worth a try, but bare in mind this is just a suggestion, I hope that helps.