Need help with Mumble!

Hi all,

I joined ADI in 2015 and didn’t play very much at all due to a number of factors. Primarily because the game was very unoptimized at the time, and my computer was not able to handle it. So my ships kind of sat around for 7 years untouched.

I’ve recently gotten a new computer, and it’s a beast. With the recent surge in star citizen popularity I decided to give it another go and it’s been awesome. Currently grinding bounties!

I want to rejoin the Mumble, but as all of my credentials were on the last computer, it won’t let me in with the same username. Wondering if any admins could help me out with this credential issue.


Hey there, and welcome back! When you log into mumble, edit your username to add a 1 on the end of it and one of the staff members will be able to help you out.