Need help with installiation please! - RESOLVED

Everything seems to go fine until we get to the patcher. It logs me in - a gray rectangular box telling me 3.0 is available has to be x’ed closed to continue. Then I click the white “update” icon. At this point a background image slides show begins and music begins to play.
When I first started trying to install the game 4 days ago, this was as far as I got. The patcher would freeze. I visited the FAQ and copied a trouble shooting list. Working down this checklist I found this in the patcher folder under /debug

[1210/] Bailing out due to non-perfect timing.
[1210/] Check failed: device_id.empty(). AUDIO_PCM_LINEAR supports only the default device.

Can any of you programmer to English gurus out there help me? I’m past ready to get in the verse with the rest of the clan!


What do you have set as your default speaker device in windows? This error has to do with audio driver issues.

Hi JayC

speaker is soundblaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro

I figured is was a sound system and thought that the on board system might not be compatible, so I just installed the sound blaster about 3 hours ago - still no joy

I’m not a typist so looked for you in mumble, no joy there either.

What version of windows? What version of the launcher are you using? 2.6.3 or PTU? … ect_timing

That appears to be the exact problem you’re having.

Perfect! Resolved. Many thanks.