Need coding help for a Project im building using an Audruino

This project is my final project and is due around the end of January i going to build an Audurino cellphone using android but i want to put an camera mod and GPS mod and a temp mod so when i call the phone and it answers i press a button and it takes a pic and the temp and the location of the phone puts all that in a text message and sends it back to me, this is my final project and we are allowed to get code from else where i don’t have a lot of money for this project but i would be willing to pay someone something if need to be please i would be very thankful to get all the help i can considering if the project don’t work i don’t pass the class and i don’t graduate. Thanks for your time reading my post and may the force be with you.

I know nothing about coding, but wouldn’t that be considered a form of plagiarism?

gezzz no we are able to seek out side help for the coding we just have to build it our selves is a good place to post those questions.

Have you looked at the pi Zero that just came out? $5 Rasberry pi. It uses Python which may be a little easier to pick up than C++. You might check Instructables or Adafruit as well for a similar project with some code that you could alter.

Good luck!

I personally prefer Arduino due to ease of interfacing, and one can find code online easily.

Have the Arduino keep a running tab using a 555 timer; maybe send the data to a storage somehow then snap a picture of it; you wouldnt need direct Arduino/Android interfacing; otherwise there is wifi and android apps probly by the gazillion.

Storage could be portable paper on a coil; I cant think.

Cmdr Zeta