Navigation woes

I have a question about navigation. In the starmap I can select big targets like planets or stations by themselves but locations on a planet like Loreville I have to navigate to a planet and select Lorville on my flight screen. I can never seem to select things like Loreville directly. Is this how it’s suppose to work or am I not having luck?

You should be able to select surface locations directly; it might take a bit of zooming in and out, and some trial and error clicking though.

I usually calibrate to the planet first. then when I am closer its easier for SC to map the route to a specific location. I always make sure I am at least at an OM marker.

Yeah, zooming too much causes things to disappear for me but I’ll work harder at it now that I know. Thanks.

If you double-click on the planet, it should give you near-to-optimal zoom.

I rarely succeed in setting a course for a moon so more often than not settle for setting a course for the central planet and then set a second course for my intended destination.

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I don’t have setting a course to a moon from another planet/station away from that moon’s planet. THe course it gives me is always via the main planet. Once in orbit of the moon, I can Q to any landmark.

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