NAinfo Intro

Hi folks, NAinfo here,
I really have no idea what I want to do in Star Citizen, probably a combination of flying, trading, mining and fighting.
Perhaps I can get a better idea with 3.0 coming soon and I can see what else the game can do.

That’s a very wide scope and understandably so. Star Citizen has so much to offer and we are just beginning to see things begin to blossom. Please share your thoughts and concerns with us on Discord/Mumble. We have a very knowledgeable group of members who are online regularly and can save you a lot of research time.
What ships are you considering both now or on release? Contact us when your online and lets get you a test drive in some ships, so you can make an informed decision on your future role(s). Pleased to have you in the family, see ya soon in the 'verse!

At the moment I’ve got a Caterpiller, Prospector, Super Hornet, Aurora LN and 85x. I’m probably going to swap some of them around and end up with an Avenger and a Cutlass Black eventually. I’m just getting back into the seeing what’s happening with Star Citizen, so I’ll be sure to ask around.

Welcome NAinfo,

We’ll have a lot of time to play through various ships in content in the alpha, so now is a great time to figure out what you want to do long-term in game. Be sure to check out our calendar for upcoming events. Attending a Friday flight night is an excellent way to learn more about the game and its mechanics. I hope you get settled in well. Let us know if you have any questions or need anything. Best wishes

Hello NAinfo. Welcome to ADI.

Those are some interesting ship choices. Definitely a strong lineup in your hanger already. The Cutlass Black is looking pretty nice for 3.0 with the rework so that would make for a good upgrade. Hope to see you in the PU sometime, maybe I can help crew some of those ships you’ve got.

Glad to have you on board.

hello NAinfo welcome to ADI I know that Star Citizen has many options and ways to go so it’s hard to figureout exactly what you want to do. One of the ways you can checkout some ships is through the subscriber program for $10 a month SIG will let you try out a ship for a month they choose that ship and some months it is more then one ship, and it does let you check some other ships out without dropping lots of money, and another option is always see what other members have most are willing to let you try out a ship they have when in the PU. see you in soon

Howdy NAinfo and big welcome to ADI.

Thanks again for joining up with us and I hope so far you have had a pleasant experience. Love the broad scope and vision you have of what you want to do in Star Citizen and that is what makes this game perfect in my opinion. I was wondering what other games you love to play as of late and can’t wait to talk with you shortly. Welcome again and have a great weekend.

Trading comes in with 3.0 and mining with 3.1 (hopefully) so you will have some time to try out the trading :slight_smile: Welcome to ADI!