Hows it going everyone. The names Mike i’m 31 years old ive been in the services from 4 years Marine Corps and currently 6 years in the Coast Guard. Ive been following this game for alittle and finally decided to take the plunge. I’m loving it so far i’ve just finally decided that i needed to join a organization. This group spoke to me in regards that real life comes first as there are times i’m gone due to the services. Im looking foward to getting to know some like minded people in this great game. Thank you in advance.

Hi N8thawk1, Welcome to ADI. Semper Fi! Fellow Jar Head here. Feel free to say hi if you see me on Mumble. See you in the verse.

Hi @N8thawk1,
Welcome to ADI. There’s loads of military people here so you’ll no doubt fit right in.
See you in Mumble.

Congratulations on taking the leap into Star Citizen! What ship(s) did you choose? As well as welcome into Atlas Defense Industries were we always encourage new arrivals to speak up if they need a hand or want backup out and about in the Universe.

Thank you very much. Currently I have a avenger titan as I researched the best overall starter ship and that was the biggest recommendation. I’m also currently mouse and keyboard but have a hosas setup I’m getting from a buddy shortly which I’m stoked to run that setup.

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The Titan is an excellent ship and very fun to fly i’ve found and yeah HOTAS is great once you get it set up and rolling as the smooth minute movements you make are perfect!

Welcome to ADI N9thawk1, and thank you for you service. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing you in the game.