Howdy all.
I’m extremely interested to see where this will take me and us as a group in the verse!
See ya in space.



Welcome No1!

Happy to have you in the crew and looking forward to exploring the verse with ya!

Any other games pique your interest while waiting for more to do in Star Citizen?

Stil Play Tribes Ascend, dabbling in Midair, Doom, Xcom, assorted racing games and various RPG’s.
(mostly Single player)

If as I suspect, I have found a group of like minded adults then I’m sure my horizons will expand.


Tribes. A man after my own heart. Put so many years into those games.

Welcome N01Special,

It’s awesome to have you here. I look forward to flying with you in 3.0. It should be great to see how the game continues to develop! All the best to you

You should check out Midair. It’s based off T2 mostly and while it does have a way to go, it is making some good progress.


I keep an eye on it. I just like to go fast, I was a capper and chaser.

Welcome to ADI N01Special. I have played an obsessive amount of XCOM and later played the Longwar mod and I loved it. I look forward to flying with you!

Hi N01 - I think a lot of us are here for the same reason…just wondering where this crazy game will go. It should be a wild ride.

welcome! and hope to fly with you soon!

Welcome to ADI!

Hi NO1Special,

welcome to ADI. There are a lot of people playing other games besides SC (and cutting the time until 3.0 release), if you need to find some people for a private session, just use our gameroom in discord



Thanks to all for the warm welcomes!