Hello ADI,

I look forward with playing with you all. This will be a first playing with a group as large as this but I look forward to it. I have played games most of my life and will continue to do so. Some MMO games I have played are Eve online, WoW and SWTOR but lately I have been playing things like They are Billions and DCS Sim.

I am in the US Air Force, married and have a daughter who will be turning 2 in May.

If anyone wants to know more about me I’m pretty open to questions. Thank you all for your time.


Hey MyHeadIsHvy,

Welcome to ADI! How did you hear about us? I look forward to seeing you in the verse, so make sure to jump on mumble the next chance you get.

If you need a wingman, let me know.

Hi MyHeadIsHvy,

Welcome to ADI. While we are a pretty large Org, it doesn’t really feel like one. When you get on Mumble with us you should see what I mean. Played WoW for a while myself (Wrath to Legion) and SC is looking like very different game. Hope to see you in mumble and in the PU soon.

P.S. Thank you for your service

I found out about the organization from Tselakal. I work in the same building as him. I’ll be in mumble whenever I’m playing games so I’m sure ill get the chance to speak with most of you guys then.

Greetings MyHeadIsHvy, Glad to have you aboard ADI. The org is a good group of folks, and being able to work/play along with folks that have similar interests (there are many divisions to choose from), will keep your interests peaked I’m sure. Be looking for you on Mumble and in the verse.

Hey there MyHeadIsHvy, Welcome the the org. Sounds like you have quite the history in gaming and I look forward to getting to know you. They are Billions is a fantastic yet brutal game, I love your taste in games.

Hey MHIH, how’s it going! Welcome to ADI, glad to have you on board! If you have any questions about ADI feel free to let any of us with blue names know. You’re welcome to PM me any time here on in Discord. Welcome to the team!

Hey there MyHeadIsHvy!

  1. Thank you for your service.
  2. You will find that we play lots of other games and it is always fun to jump in on the action.
  3. Congrats on your pride and joy turning 2!
    It is always great to have good people join the org. I am looking forward to meeting you and playing some games. Welcome to ADI!

Hello and welcome to ADI.

Yes, indeed please join us on mumble during the day. Pretty interesting you are in the Air Force as well :slight_smile:
I know a few members who were or are as well.