My intro

hi there everyone, im BalCrsher aka by a few other names, call me old if u want been gaming online for 13yrs before that, yes i remember the early days of casettes etc, here to have fun and no drama :laughing:

Hi welcome to the org…don’t worry I owned many a cassette and Cartrige games in my time too! Not at all ashamed of my commador 64 or my Atari either! :smiley:

Hi there @BalCrsher it good to see you with ADI. I’v still got all my cartridge game N64 all the way lol. Well hope to see you around soon


Exciting time in SC and around ADI! Hope to see you on Mumble soon! Be sure to introduce yourself in the pubs when folks are on and come hang out in Discord too :slight_smile:


Welcome Balcrusher! You’re not old, you’re broken in! Lots of older gamers in ADI I think you’ll fit in well here.

Hi Bawlcrusher,

Nice to have some wise players in our midst :slight_smile:. Glad you’re here. Looking forward to having a lot of fun in the verse with you and the rest of ADI. Best wishes to you

Welcome to ADI, glad you’re all squared away. I enjoyed our chat the other morning and wish you well here.

Remember to take advantage of our discord and mumble servers. They are a great place to meet and connect with other members.

See you out there…

Welcome to ADI Balcrusher,

I remember my first console, the NES and their cassettes. I remember as well my old stereo player where you needed tapes and VHS for videos. Good old time.
Back to the present where you can find ADI, new ppl and friends, having fun flying formations together and so on.

See you in the verse.

Hello BawlCrusher. I had a VIC20, then a C64. I feel you.

Welcome to the org. o/

Hi Bawlcrusher,

welcome to the org. A lot of us are old enough to know, what a pencil and a casette is for together (most young people doesn’t see the connection)

hope to see you soon in the verse



Yeah my earliest console was an N64…

Welcome aboard!

Welcome welcome!

Glad to have you on the team. You can never be too old for video games! Looking forward to seeing your bad-ass self blowing up Vanduul in the verse.