My experience configuring X52 Pro

I struggled a lot configuring the X52 Pro stick. Sharing my experience here.

X52 Pro setup guidlines

  1. Use USB 2.0 port to connect the controller
  2. If the key binding doesnt work, enable windows test mode by using below command. This is because, the Profile Editor’s driver is not signed and the “Programmable Root Enumerator” shows orange info icon in Windows Device Manager.
    bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON

More detailed steps: (I followed them and it works!) … k_x52_pro/

The one tip I can add is in the device editor disable clutch mode, this allows you to keybind the lowest left thumb button in game.

Also set up a controller profile using the X52’s software and in it set the joystick pinky button as the left control button, that way you can have two functions on each controller button, default and one while pressing the pinky in (if you need more options).

I’d strongly encourage you to download the X52 profile we’ve built in the download sections of the forums. The install instructions are included as a pdf.

Yes JayC, I used these instructions.
But I had to fight with the driver to install properly.

May be its related to my motherboard + USB controller.

I always had to turn off windows integrity checks (to allow unsigned drivers).

Thank you

thats a nice tip. i use the clutch button as push-to-talk :slight_smile:

Make sure you’re using a power usb 2.0 hub and it should solve these problems.

I find that thumb button placement way too useful for other things, think I have mine as boost, so I’ve mapped the button next to the mouse stick as my PTT.

I has hopes of using the 3 option rotator button on the joystick to put the X52 into different “modes” like a flight and a combat mode but haven’t managed to map it out successfully yet.

I’d strongly suggest you stick with the x52 xml we’ve built… there is a reason why we selected buttons to do different tasks.

As for modes 1 to 3, you can only use these modes in keyboard emulation mode using the saitek software. DirectX mapping only supports 1 set of button presses (ie mode 1).

yeah, i have to buy a powered usb 2.0

with the windows test mode, the hotas works perfectly.