Mustang Omega -> Gamma -> Delta

Hi all, RSI put out the path to go from the Mustang Omega AMD deal ship to the lovely Mustang Delta fighter:

Omega → Gamma ($0): … Gamma-Swap

Gamma → Delta ($10): … ta-Upgrade


I changed one of my Aurora’s to a mustang… now I just need to get a better or a new Joystick… the Logitech extreme 3d pro I have is not doing very well… especially since the last patch… speed control it … unreliable at best. Any suggestions?


budget is about 60 to 70 bucks US

Saitek X52 or X52 Pro depending on your budget.

60-70 is a tough price point.

Saitek’s X-52 or X-55 is probably your next best bet but they’re at $140 and $190 respectively.

Not really much from 60-120 unless you get it second hand.

I guess I will just have to stick to a keyboard and mouse then.

brilliant thanks for the heads up , had bought a
Delta any how but now have melted it and will use the money to get my avenger into a
Varient when it rolls by . On the joystick front I would say save a little longer and hold out for a x52 , it really is worth it .