I have been going on mumble 2 1/2 year and for some reason all of a sudden I cannot get on. Its telling me " Server connection failed: The TLS/SSL " I’m on the Same computer nothing has changed. I did try reinstalling mumble but its still has the servers list on my favorite like i never even deleted it. On my 3rd day not sure what to do.

If you generated a custom cert it could have expired. Otherwise make sure you’re connect to not

Those are really the only 2 possible problems I can think of.

That error almost always has to do with your certification. When you reinstalled Mumble, did you export your cert first and then import it into the new version of Mumble? If not, your cert was probably lost and you need to do the following:

1: Access the Certificate Wizard in Mumble and verify that you have a self created certificate listed, if you do not have a certificate already, create one and do not use the Automatic option as it will cause problems down the line.
2: Before you connect to the ADI server append a 1 to your username
3: Connect to ADI server with modified username
4: Wait in Lobby for a Staff member to come help you
5: Tell them that you are a member of the organization, send them a link to your Robert Space Industries Citizen Dossier (i.e.
6: They will get an Assistant Director involved who will have you authenticate your identity and then provide you with a new certificate

Change your name, add a 1 at the end for instance, and connect. Then find an AD+ to get your permissions restored.