Mumble will not connect

I did a fresh install of win 10 when it came out, and though i would install mumble back now when 2.0 became live. The first time I installed it i forgot to make a backup of the certificate. So now it will not connect with my old name. It asks for a password. I have seen other people struggling and the fix for them was a new name, and get the staff to remove the old one. But this does not work for me. Is there anyone out there that know how I will be able to get back on mumble?

Add a number after your name and connect this way. Someone should be able to help you out once you’re connected.

as I wrote in the end of my post this does not work for me, I still get the same error

Post a screenshot of the exact error you’re getting please.

I fixed it, the sulution was changing the name in the certificate and the name you are connecting to the server with. I only tried to change the name in the certificate