Mumble Update


JayC or other Mumble Admin,

Can you please remove Teufelhunden from the user list and I am going to come in with a different certificate and as Teufelhunden “Cujo” which was my nickname in the US Marine Corps. Or I can change it to Teufelhunden “Hammy” (short for Hamramr) which Director Rax will call me since that was my LOTRO Monster Player Warg (no he didn’t invite me to ADI, it was a complete fluke we ended up in the same Organization). Either is better than calling for Teufelhunden or abbreviated during an op.

Hmm if I am not mistaken, I can give myself a nick name any time I log in, correct? If that is the case, then all I need is for Teufelhunden to be deleted and I come in using a new CERT?

I am making a copy of the cert this time.


Problem fixed by adding a 1 to my username, I was able to get into Lobby and Moonbiterr took care of me.

Thanks Moonbiterr!