Mumble / Discord

Is Mumble the only thing used or do you use discord cause mumble doesnt work for me so im kinda stuck to discord

Hello Peter. We use Discord primarily for text communication and Mumble for voice, including in game voice chat. Mumble is a requirement, so if you are having issues, let us know and we can have one of our tech reps try to help resolve them.

Hey Peter_Quill :slight_smile:

As Janich said we use Mumble for voice and Discord for text but is it required that you have both.

Can you tell me what your problem with Mumble is?

To set up Mumble use this link

If you already had a certification for Mumble and you lost it just open Mumble click on the server then click edit and put a 1 at the end of your name and it will let you in. Then a staff member can come and help you fix it.