Mumble Certificate - Password Rejected

Hello, I had to restore my OS a few days ago and I’m having trouble connecting with my username (wrong password/certificate). Could anyone please reset the user so that I can re-enter?

Add a 1 to the end, connect to mumble, and look for a staff member… they can get you fixed up in about 5 minutes.

I’m having the same issue. What do I add a “1” to the end of?

Change your Mumble name by adding a 1 to end of it. I would change mine to Jolly011, JayC would change his name to JayC1, etc.

When we see a 1 at the end of your name, we know you are probably a member looking for help at getting their mumble to work…usually for the exact problem you mentioned.

Please know though that we will ask you to verify you are a member by sending a PM to the one helping you through our forums.

Rather than making a new post I’ll post here.
Got a new comp and DL’ed Mumble but adding a 1 to the name doesnt work nor does an entirely new name…

What is the error you’re getting? And make sure you’re changing it here inside Muble:

Server > Connect

Select the ADI server and click Edit…

Change the Username field by adding a 1 to the field.

Then connect to the ADI server and a staff member can get you fixed up.