Mumble App on Android systems

Hi there.
Installed Mumble on my samsung. When I open it, it says: “Server list empty , Press Menu key to add a server” :unamused:
well, if I hit the menu key , I land on the main screen again :imp: … Any suggestions if and to what I have to remap the menubutton ?

Which app did you install? There is no official version on Android, but there are a few that neglect to say so. Plumble is the one lknked to in the Mumble setup pdf on our front page. Here is the link if your having trouble seeing it. [url][/url]

Mumble app from LordMarty … ient&hl=en
I missed the info about plumble… will trry that.

HA !
I found out how to work it, “hold” the menu button to add a server it should say … lol

So i had plumble working, then had to change my name for ADI. Now anythime i try to join i get cert error. I removed the cert and then added it back. Even went as far as to uninstall plumble and reinstall with the same issue. Any ideas

You’ll need to export the certificate from your PC Mumble install. Import that cert on your phone and you’re good to go. You may want to store that cert somewhere safe anyway as you will need it again if you need to reinstall Mumble on your PC. ADI uses that cert to authenticate you.

Awesome ty for your help