Multiple Push to Talk for Simple Recording

As of now, I’m up to three comms channels: Mumble, Mumble PRI, and SC VOIP. Moreover, I have my Mumble channel set to a joystick button. The problem is, I use a simple program to record (Shadowplay) that allows for only one non-joystick push-to-talk channel. Either I leave the mic open or cover only one channel.

I found this solution, if one is comfortable running random software as administrator on one’s machine:
It basically mutes the mic unless one of the push-to-talk buttons is pushed.

Problem is, it doesn’t recognize the joystick. If the joystick control panel does not allow mapping, one can utilize a second program to do that, like In my case, I mapped it to a key SC does not use (the quote button). One still must have BOTH set up in Mumble shortcuts.

Now I can capture all my outgoing comms without leaving the mic open!

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Bad news. Although this setup works for Shadowplay, it is not working for Mumble. I will need to experiment more.

Also, once one has started the Push To Talk, it will continue to mute the mic even if shut down, until one logs in again and unmutes the mic manually.

FYI, I currently have PTT mapped to F10 in Mumble and Shadowplay, and I used the Profiler software for my X52 to map a button to F10. I haven’t had an issue with Shadowplay and Mumble catching my PTT simultaneously. I do have a problem with Shadowplay ignoring mapped buttons on some mice when in-game (Logitech Setpoint,Elecom), but this appears to be a hardware/driver issue with some devices and xinput.

Strangely, remapping with the Logitech Options software (for my MX Ergo) works in all cases.

Yes, a manufacturer mapping tool for my T.160000 would be preferable to JoyToText. I’ll explore the options you mentioned, thanks!

Actually, the problem is that Shadowplay allows only one PTT, and here we need more than one: Mumble, PRI, and VOIP. This is probably the same problem you’re having with your mouse, because F10 is your one PTT that opens the mic for Shadowplay.

I think the Push To Talk app works by muting the mic globally unless any of the mouse or KB buttons you’ve defined is pushed. Why Mumble is not recognizing the mic being unmuted is what I need to investigate here…

The problem is actually that JoyToKey was sending out a key pulse and seems to have no way to emulate holding it down. The actual mapping program for the T.160000M FCS that I have is TARGET, which does allow the functionality and fixed this problem.

Now the problem is that my mic input in Shadowplay is much louder than game/Mumble audio. I can’t simply decrease mic levels because then mates won’t be able to hear me on Mumble. The only solution I can think of at the moment: set system sound output high and decrease speaker/headphone volume controls.