Multiple Package Clarification

This is a quite interesting topic have read in RSI and thought would be good for everyone that haven’t read it already to have a look
[url]Comm-Link - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

sweet now with my 10 game packages i can fly anything i want solo :slight_smile:

This does clear up a few questions i had. I’m glad they posted this.

Yes indeed it’s really helpfull.Have also read it lately.Important thing is that you can set as beneficiary one of your other characters with almost the same name,so in case of permanent death i guess you can continue with that new character which is going to be full alive! :wink:

Brill , i was hoping that i could use my extra package as crew

Maybe someone should make an index page of these older mechanics-related posts. They predate a lot of backers, and there’s too much content at this point to expect someone to go back through previous articles it to find answers to their questions (as well as questions they didn’t know they had). This info is also available on various wikis, but the amorphous nature of wikis isn’t as conducive to “catching up” on info as a chronological game-mechanics reading list might be.

Good and detailed compendium of knowledge can be found in The BIG S.C.A.M.: forums.robertsspaceindustries.c … on/192638/
Although a bit outdated, it still contains a lot of information and links to many RSI articles (e.g. multiple packages).