Multiple Monitors

Added a second monitor to track Discord/Mumble while I’m gaming. Found a good vid that gave a walk through hat even I, the org resident “Staff Potato”, could follow. The vid covers recent Nividia and AMD cards.

Am looking at a 3-monitor set-up now for gaming with a fourth to track Discord/Mumble.

Really nice!
May I ask what diagonals and resolution you use? How many fps can you expect in the future with a newer GPU?

Currently I can’t decide yet if getting a triple monitor setup, or a single 21:9 35"-40" curved monitor for gaming is better.

@Jolly01 any chance that we can get a picture of your new sweet setup? I am always curious to see how people game and what works for them, perhaps I will find something new that will work better for me!

In my case I’m running 4 displays like so:
1 - 1920x1080 48" TV
2 - 1366x768 22" display
3 - 1024x768 17" display
4 - 1024x748 17" display

I have a 1080GTX driving them all. Star Citizen never exceeds 30-40% GPU usage, so doubtful the 3 extra displays make any difference to performance. I’m planning to replace the TV with a QHD display, so I’ll probably push it a bit more then.

Multiple monitors are better if you want to monitor things like Discord and Mumble while playing a game on the main display. Also proper support for ultrawide displays is hit-n-miss right now. I’d stick with 16:9 or 4:3 ratio displays is a multiple display setup. I find the 17" 4:3 displays are perfect for apps like Discord and Mumble and have the same vertical height as the 22" 16:9. FWIW you can usually pick them up at thrift stores for $20 or less.

@Nightfangs. I’m running the monitor at 1920x1080. I’m getting 35 FPS in SC. In PUBG I get 90. ARK around 75. Those are the only games I currently play consistently enough to give an estimate. Nomedias gave the answer on the impact of multiple monitors and he just said (on Mumble this morning) the only real impact is if you use 3D gaming.

@Spikelite. My set-up is nothing special at the moment. Just a 27" curved montitor and a 32" HD TV as the secondary for Mumble/Discord while gaming.

My computer is new and in good shape. i7-7700, 2x 1TB SSD with one of them being an M.2. A third 256MB SSD reserved for the system (so a total of 3 drives).

I do have a 1080Ti with 11GB of memory and that gives me 4 Digital Port connections and an HDMI connection.

I’m tying the TV to the vid card with a HMDI to DP converter (DP and the conversion cables are not expensive, even the high quality ones). My biggest weakness is only 16GB of RAM but am going to put two more 8GB into the CPU soon.

My biggest question is to either increase from the 27" curved to a larger monitor and keep the TV as is or go with 3 27" monitors and the TV. I’ll either need to get a bigger desk or a 3 monitor mount (I have found a good one for just $98). I’m favoring the 3 monitor set-up but my current 27" monitor (which is great) has a 1/2" border which would result in a 1" black space between the monitors which I’d prefer to avoid.