Multi-Division membership or hopping between Divisions

Before I joined ADI, I was eyeing getting a Cutlass Red and a Herald as both S&R and being an info runner had an appeal to me. I currently have a 315P. Now that I’ve joined and tossed my hat into Exploration & Survey I wanted to get folks thoughts on the ability of members to wear many hats or is it assumed that we’d all specialize in a specific role? Right now I specialize in crashing into asteroids. :slight_smile:


Hi Tomster, good to have you aboard.

Within the organisation the division you are in relates to your primary role within the org, but not what your limited to. So long as you have passed the appropriate check rides, and earned the qualifications for a certain job, you are free to do those jobs, and in some circumstances even be called on to help out in those other roles. The key is to remember that the division based jobs are what you will be focused on, and when asked to help out in those roles you are expected to help out with them, rather than do something outside your division. For example if you have passed all the check rides to be a bounty hunter, and are doing some personal bounty hunting out in the verse, and a call comes in for a survey pilot (assuming you have passed the survey pilot check rides) you will be required to stop what your doing and go assist with the call for a survey pilot.

Hopefully that helps clear things up a little. If you have further questions or what i just said made no sense (whoops my bad), hop on mumble and I’m sure a recruiter/team leader/director can help clarify for you.

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Thanks khelmeth,

That’s a great explanation and exactly what I was hoping to hear.