MrTortillaHead Ready for service


Hello everyone, My name is Mr Tortilla Head or you can call me Tort. Based in good ol Texas. I have been around RSI since 2014. Backed with my lovely F7C-Hornet. Can’t wait to meet you all and join the vast expanse.


Tort, welcome to ADI. Great to see another long time backer join our ranks. You have picked a great place to call home in the verse. Hope to fly with you and your Hornet soon.


Welcome to ADI Tort, glad you have found us. The Hornet is a good ship to have backing you up. But now you’ll have more people and their ships backing you up as well.


Hey there, Tort! Great to have you aboard! That F7C-Hornet should be quite flexible for ya. See you around the 'Verse soon!


Welcome aboard Tort, we are happy to have another longtime backer. See you in the verse.


Greetings MrTort . What other ships do you have in your fleet?


Welcome Tort! Glad to have you with us in ADI, always plenty to do and great members who are equally excited about SC. Hope to see you in the Verse!


Welcome to ADI MrTortillaHead :slight_smile:

Nice to have you with us. Hop on Mumble and fly with us.

See you in the Verse!


Hey there! I currently only have a F7C Hornet and a Super Hornet.


A Super too! Nice!


A true believer in the F7C. Welcome to ADI Mr Tortilla Head. I hope they work the kinks out of the Hornets soon.


Greetings MrTortillaHead,

I’m also a Hornet fan, but sadly the base Hornet almost requires a specialty mount to make it viable. But I like that mount on all versions of the Hornet. So you probably saved some bucks on that choice. Welcome to the Org Tort, let me know if I can help out in anyway.



Welcome tort. I have a F7C as well. Though my next investment is probably gonna be a Vanguard Hoplite (or a Warden if RSI makes it superior in combat). Right now the Hoplite and Warden have around the same combat stats. What is your career of choice?


Welcome to ADI Tort. It’s great that we have so many early investors in ADI. I think it speaks well of the calibre of player we’re drawing to our ranks. You’ll find you’re not alone here; there are many of your Texan brethren in ADI already waiting for you. As a survey scout by day and cargo pilot by night I especially appreciate having another fighter pilot around. I look forward to running ops with you.


Hey Cobra, Those are some wonderful choices you got there. I think they both looks badass. I might actually have to get myself a Warden! I have had my eyes on alien tech for some time now. The Khartu-Al is such a beautiful fighter but i’m sure we’ll have more ships that are bang for their buck when it comes to performance. I can’t wait to see the Banu Defender or the Kruger P52.
I would love to learn how to be Fleet Security.


Greetings and welcome to ADI Tort, glad to have you onboard here! I’ll be looking forward to meeting you and fly with you soon here in the 'verse!


Welcome to ADI Tortilla =D, i cant wait till i see you in the verse


Hello Tort and welcome.

Are you only interested in combat? are you looking to get other ships as well?


The Khartu-Al might actually be more trouble to fight in the new flight model than other fighters, the whole six degrees of equal thrust.


Hey Cauzway, As of right now its mainly combat. I might get into mining as well but i think i’ll wait a lil bit to be sure what i want to do other than combat.