MrTitus Intro

Hello I am MrTitus, Im new to PC and Star citizen looking to explore the universe

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Hi @MrTitus21,
Welcome to ADI. What gameplay do you enjoy?

Hello and welcome to ADI!

I sure we’ll have lots of fun together.

Welcome to ADI MrTitus21. I’m glad you joined the team. I can only hope you chose ADI’s mining & salvage division to call home, and if you didn’t you’re still more than welcome to join us in ADI’s bi-weekly mining exercises.

Greetings MrTitus21,

Welcome to SC and welcome to ADI! Good to have you onboard. Looking forward to flying with you, nothing a better than hanging out and relaxing with a few friends and dropping off some cargo in the verse. See you around :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard Titus and congratulations on the PC and on getting into Star Citizen! The graphics are better, the controls are modular, and internets more reliable (usually) than console. Ask around if you need a hand and someone’ll be happy to help out :slight_smile:

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