Hello Everyone,

I am CurryFury Joining from Sri Lanka, Currently a university student. I play loads of games, and have been following Star Citizen since it’s kick starter campaign. Very recently I finally decided to pledge and join the game. I got an invite, checked the video, and it sounded cool. I need to make new friends in the verse and I believe this is a good place to be in :slight_smile:

Hi MrCurryFury!

Glad you joined the SC community and ADI! It’s a great game and great place to play, I look forward to getting to know you more and gaming with you in SC!


Hello MrCurryFury,

Welcome. I hope your studies at university are going well. We’re glad to have you with us. Feel free to hop on mumble and join us for a flight night when you can. I’m glad to have you with us.

Hello MrCurryFury,
Welcome to ADI, It’s great that you found your way here. What interests you most in the game? Which division did you sign up for?

Looking forward to seeing you in the verse.

Hello MrCurryFury, welcome again to ADI, I hope you will have a grand time here, and I hope the two of us, can get some good conversations on game development! See you in the 'verse!

Hi MrCurryFury,

welcome to the forum and greetings to Sri Lanka. Hope to see you soon on a flight night



Hello MrCurryFury! Welcome to ADI, it is a pleasure to have you. Be sure to jump on mumble and meet the rest of ADI!

Hello MrCurryFury,

welcome to ADI. Nice you join the org. Im sure you will meet new friends here. We are all from all over the world and sharing at least one same passion.

We see us soon in the verse.


Welcome Welcome. First: Great Name. Second: Sri Lanka?! Thanks pretty sweet. How’s the internets there? Third: Let me know if you’re looking to try any of the bigger ships out! Always looking to do some missions in the verse.

Welcome aboard!