Moving to Mumble!


I can’t remember the last time I used mumble, but it seems totally fine. WELL, until I installed the Star Citizen skin to get rid of those disturbing red lips talking icon!


Main reason I installed the skin. The red lip thing was just weird.


Are there new instructions for mumble? Also where does one get the star citizen skin for mumble?


Directions are on our website. Also this thread is really old and the move was almost 4 years ago

A few things of note. I think the SC skin only works with Mumble 1.2.x and we HIGHLY recommend using the latest 1.3.x snapshot of Mumble. 1.3.x has a dark theme that is better than the SC skin in my opinion. Lastly make sure and download from the official site and NOT mumble. com (a 3rd party that has loaded spy/adware in the past).

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