Moving to Mumble!

We are moving to mumble folks! Here is a PDF to show the details of how to download and install mumble, change your skin, and connect to our mumble server.

Here are the instructions.


As we grow, we’re concerned about costs related to using teamspeak over mumble. We’re trying to look ahead into the future as we grow.

Some additional info for people who are going to use the StarCitizen skin for Mumble:

  1. If using StarCitizenSkin.qss does not work (there are no background images and buttons lack graphics) try switching to StarCitizenSkin_mac.qss

  2. If you find it hard to read text in chat log you can easily modify it yourself:

  • open selected .qss file in any text editor
  • search for LogTextBrowser#qteLog entry
  • edit value for color property

If you are not familiar with hex encoding I recommend using external site for picking alternative color (


Thanks for the additional information. The mac.qss brought the graphics and other items to mumble.

Thank you,

Sorry, never used mumble before. How do you get authenticated on mumble?

One of the recruiters or team leaders needs to register you on the server.

Yes, the reason we’re moving to mumble is because of the cost teamspeak will be when we reach the amount of members we’re aiming for. If we don’t change now and let it get to the point where we have over 500 members on teamspeak consistently, we’ll be forced to pay about $1000-1500 a year in order to support that many people.

On top of that, we also need a server with additional bandwidth, which will add even more to that cost. If we eliminate teamspeak, the cost to keep a VOIP service is drastically lower.

Sent a mass email out to all members, hopefully they won’t have any problems migrating over.

Great post, thanks so much for that! I wish I had more to offer in thanks other than this treasured lightbulb smilie thing: :bulb:

As a followup to Icarium’s tip: if you do find that blue hard to read, try replacing it with #B3D4FC. That’s the default color of the user and room tree text, which I find a lot more legible. (The dark blue, ID4266, is used in a few other places - while I didn’t know what they all were, I went ahead replaced them all with #B3D4FC - you can use CTRL+F to find all the instances.)

Our RSI org page still links to


Our org topic on RSI forums links to and has teamspeak requirement listed as well.
forums.robertsspaceindustries.c … -id-adi/p1

Mumble not working on my linux distro.

I will only be back home in 2 weeks… I’ll try in Windows.

For phone usage: I was trying to find my certificate in order utilize my phone and not sure what to look for. Help please.

If you created your certificate manually you were asked to export it (default location to export was main Mumble directory I believe).
You can always export it through certificate wizard (saves as .p12 file by default).
I cannot help you with phone config though as I don’t have any phone capable of utilizing that and therefore lack the required knowledge.

At the bottom of the mumble setup instructions is a video to help you copy certifications from your PC to another computer or phone.

Havok - Can you update #7 on the FAQ?

Please note! You cannot be on via computer and your phone at the same time. :slight_smile: