Mouse & Keyboard, Joytick('s), HOTAS?

Which one in you opinion would you go for, id appreciate pros and cons in your answer so that I can balance them out according to my play style.
I’m looking for something that can give me more control over my ship but also gives me great accuracy in fighting, this would mainly be a mouse and keyboard for shooting but a HOTAS or Joystick('s) for flying and maneuvers.
I don’t want to lose out on my accuracy that a mouse gives me but I want to have the maneuvers a joystick or HOTAS would provide.
What is you opinion?

Hi RestlessGamer,

This topic has been discussed numerous times on our forums, and I think you should be able to find answers to most of your questions in the links below. In short: we recommend using a HOTAS for any flight activity, and mouse/keyboard for any FPS activity.


Also feel free to discuss that on Mumble, we have a lot of experienced pilots whom should be able to give you recommendations if you need some :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m very new to SC and before I decided to become a backer I wanted a controller setup
that would give me good control and more immersed in the game while flying my ship.

I looked around the web for different controller options and found that some players use dual joy.
I was initially going for a HOTAS setup but after thinking a bit about it I decided to get dual T-16000M: … -_-Product … er+t16000m

They are about 50$ or 50 euro.
I went for the T16000M since they got the same HALL sensor as the Thrustmaster Warthog: … er+warthog
and they are fully ambidextrous.

So whats the pros/cons of a dual joy setup:

- It will give you 6DoF
- It will give you analog input instead of digital (on/off) which is more exact
- You will have more control
- It just feels natural after a while
- Compared to a HOTAS setup, its cheaper
- Have enough buttons on the joysticks, some debate a HOTAS is better here since
you might have to move your hand in some cases.

- Will be hard to use Gimbal weapons, use joystick + mouse while using gimbaled weapons instead
or perhaps a HOTAS.
- First hours after switching you will fly worse but just hang in there and practice everyday, shouldnt
take more than a week to do the switch I think.

Sources that got me considering dual joy:

I fly a Gladius using strafe forward/backward on left y-axis, strafe left/right on left x-axis.
Left twist is strafe up/down. On the right joystick I got pitch on x-axis and yaw on y-axis, using
twist to roll. I got a pretty large deadzone configured on the left x-axis since you dont want to
accidentally strafe left or right while strafing max forward or backward. I got boost and afterburner
bound to hat-up on left stick since its easy to reach. I have toggle decouple mode bound to hat-up on right stick.
Firing all weapons with the left stick and using the right one for targeting and counter measures.
On the base I got other stuff bound that doesnt involve movement, targeting or firing.

Anyways sorry for the long post hope it was somewhat informative coming from a totally new backer.
Note I dont have that much experience flying in other games.

Couldn’t have asked for a better reply. Thank you for putting in so much time to break it down for me. Appreciate it see you in the verse maybe :slight_smile:

Your very welcome, yeah hope to see you too :slight_smile:

ADI staff strongly discourages the use of dual joysticks. Using the current knife fight in a telephone booth model is not a good measurement of how well controllers will work in the final game.

Dual sticks lack the ability to perform certain functions required of our combat pilots without causing massive pilot fatigue.

One thing to keep in mind though, with dual sticks or HOTAS, is it takes a lot of flight time with it to get good at it, as you need to develop the motor skills for it.

Mouse and keyboard also work quite well in general. But do have several advantages and disadvantages vs HOTAS.

So I have been looking into hotas and/or dual sticks and didnt want to start a new post. I have come across a lot of cons and pros between both setups and I was wondering what ADI staff recommend?

I saw JayC commenting not to use dual sticks and now I have to ask how you guys think about hotas? I also saw its an old post, so maybe some new insights are available on this topic?

Hotas is strongly recommended within ADI, especially for combat pilots. Homas is currently strong amongst people who haven’t had enough training with stick-aiming and they use pedals for throttle.