Monitor recommendations please

I’m considering upgrading my monitor. I am currently using a 22" and want to get a 27".

Should I get a 4K and/or 144Hz monitor. Is the 4K resolution really worth it, especially considering the frame rate hit it will cause?

Anyone have any suggestions on a good gaming monitor?

Here are some I’m looking at:

But only 5ms response vs 1ms on some gaming monitors.

But not 4K.


Remember 4k at good frame rates will require dual video cards today.

Of course I could get a 4K and run it at HD while in game.

So you think just a standard HD resolution 1ms monitor? Is the 1ms response time really noticable?

I’m old, my eyes are old… so I can’t see the difference… doesn’t mean you can’t.

I’m no spring chicken either. I can’t really see the pixels on my 22", but I’m thinking at 27", they’ll be noticeable.

I think I’ll go check out Amazon’s merchandise display showroom… uh, I mean Best Buy.

I’d say 1440p. There is really no systems which can run 4K at the moment.

Two GTX 970’s struggle with 4k. It would be doable, but it wouldn’t be a seamless experience. That should give you a reference point. BenQ 1440p monitors are extremely nice according to several friends who use them. If you want to go all out then Asus has the RoG Swift, but it utilizes G-sync to be the best 1440p monitor on the market so if you’re not running Nvidia that’s capable of G-sync then it’s not worth it at all. Even with G-sync I don’t know if it’d be worth the extra 300ish dollars.

Really want a 21:9 inch widescreen myself, but still waiting/hoping that the costs start dropping at some point. Which being somewhat of a niche product, they may never drop. :slight_smile:

But I’d avoid 4k for now, focus on looking for a good 1440p 16:9 panel, which is what my next monitor will more than likely be next year. As Jay pointed out, the power needed to really push 4k well is still requiring 2 or more video cards. 1440p is quite playable by today’s cards.

Now if LG and Phillips start tossing out good quality 21:9 under $500, I’ll more than likely post some love or hate as an update.

That thing looks so hilarious, yet wonderful…

I call 21:9 monitors “Excel Monitors” that moniker stuck once they started being released and I saw every Excel guru I know picking one up.

Yeap, or anything database related like SQL or something with made flow charts (which, you make, then no one can easily read since you did the jpg bigger than 16:9, 1080p. CAD is nice on them as well.

Personally i just want the wider FOV in FPS games, if the developers support the 21:9 resolution. Two of those monsters, curved… insert drool smilie here

But my little 660ti won’t run many games at 3440X1440 or 2560 x 1080, so little point until that gets swapped.