Monitor Advice

I’ve been using a 60hz 1080 Tv as my monitor for a time now but my new apartment makes this situation untenable.

Are there any monitors out there that you prefer?
I run an Nvidia970 graphics card at the moment so I am thinking of a multiple monitor display to maximize SC’s awesome.

Any advice will be helpful and thanks to the community in advance!!

Do you plan on doing any 3d?

Not really. Wish I could get a 4k but doubt that’s in the budget. wannn wannnh

What’s wrong with what you got? I’m assuming it’s a decent sized TV. Yea I know there’s those out there that will say a dedicated monitor is better (of course it is) But i’m a tv guy myself. Honestly, my badass 1080p duel monitors at work (samsungs i think) are really not that much better than my tv at home. I really don’t notice it.

Then again, I love 2x monitors for work, just hate them for gaming, so i’m biased. I think I paid $200 ish for my 50" 1080p 60 hrtz. Picture looks great and way cheaper than 2 $300+ monitors that are only slightly better.