Mix n match Hotas

Has anyone ever tried using 1 brand flight stick but a totally different throttle? I can buy the best flight stick separately (the warthog)

I don’t know how well that would work, but I have the Warthog HOTAS and the throttle has amazing buttons and hat switches.

I have read the x55 has the best throttle and the warthog has the best stick. But holy cow, you’ll pay for it!

I can’t speak for the 55, but the Warthog is worth every penny.

Some say the x-55 throttle sticks sometimes but get better with age where warthog is good from the start and stays that way.

I had considered going with a Mix&Match setup.

But decided on upgrading to the x55 this summer.

Another aspect to remember is that all mechanical gimbals and joints have to be re-lubricated from time to time to prevent friction.
Any plastic safe lubricant, e.g. silicon grease, will do.