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Hey, new guy here
I’m 18 and 'bout to go into college, so attendance might be a lil spotty while I adjust to my classes. Been playing Star Citizen for around 2 weeks, and thanks to a generous donation of 5 mil from an unknown individual I was in a PU game with, I fly the Vanguard Harbinger and the Drake Cutlass Black so I could fly them w/ my friend but I don’t mind using 'em for group purposes obviously. Still unsure what exactly I’m into in SC, so I’m good to try anything out if anyone’s kind enough to let me tag along.

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Good choices! Cutlass Black will serve you well and the Vanguard’s a great brawler in any variety. Heh. The SC community is great for those ‘mysterious benefactors’ on occasion. If you wanna branch out a bit, a ROC is a cheap way to get into mining and will fit in the back of your Cutlass. Ask around Discord or Mumble and I’m sure you’ll find folks willing to show you the ropes if you’re interested.

You’d asked about the uniforms during your onboarding, so here’s a link.

Welcome to ADI! The Cutlass Black is the best ship in the game, and if anyone says otherwise i’ll fight them (or cry).

See you in the 'Verse.

Hi @mildlyperturbed,
Welcome to ADI. I’m sure you’ll fit right in here and you’ll get to try everything out.

Welcome to ADI mildlyperturbed. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing you in game.

Welcome to ADI!

Don’t worry about being busy! We all understand IRL is top priority, and we will still be here when you get some free time!

You should try the basic certs! You can do them on your own time, and they will give you a good insight into each gameplay type. If you do that, play with other org members, and do some org ops, I am sure you will find what gameplay types you like best. See you in the verse!

Mildly welcome to the org! Don’t worry about activity, Real Life comes first. Hope you find yourself at home here, and get some good times.

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