Mihaly Atlas Defense Introduction


Hello my name is Michael i live in Australia but i was born in Europe in a country called “Hungary.”

Basic Skills:

. Common Knowledge Of Piloting
. Basic Marine Experience (Star Citizen - Not Real Life)
. Able to lead a marine squad into battle / Mission

welcome to the corp m8, hope to see ya in the verse.

onboarded and good to go.

Heya Mihaly.

Normally this is where I would say to make sure you hop on mumble to get onboarded but that’s already done so I’ll just say welcome to ADI and please feel free to hop in with us in any of the games we’re playing.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Hey mihaly,

On behalf of our many members, welcome…we’re very glad to have you on board! :smiley: It looks like ztrexx is on top of his game as usual and has finished up your on-boarding, but keep us all in mind if you have questions about anything. Hopefully we’ll get some flight time in together at our SC Friday night flight nights which will help you understand how ADI works together. from your post, it sounds like your looking to play either as a Marine or Pilot…is that right? If not, have you given any thought as to what division or class you are interested in?

Once you get situated, continue to hop into Mumble in order to better familiarize yourself with a few of our many members. Once again, welcome to ADI…we’re very happy to have you as part of the family!


Hey there Mihaly, welcome to the ADI community as a full member!

If you ever have questions or concerns while you are here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any one of us directly. We will either get you the answer you need or put you in touch with the person that can.

Looking forward to seeing you in mumble and getting some game time in!

Interesting story behind the move from Hungary to Australia or did parents drag you?