Merry Christmas everyone.

Hello Citizens,

I’m very new to the world of RSI having finally treated myself at Chrismas and become a member of the Star Citizen Universe.

I’m Stuart, an engineer in the real world, but a reliable backup player who’s here to enjoy exploring, mining, assisting fellow ADI’s and becoming a solid player going forward.
I’ve got myself one of those Andromeda ships, so I may need a crew from time to time and can help haul cargo and be an Uber ship too.

I look forward to playing in some team stuff real soon. See you around.

Welcome Aboard SavageStu!

Glad to have you here, and hope you enjoy Atlas Defense Industries as much as I have since I’ve joined. Looks like you will be one of those I get to protect while in Fleet Security :smiley:

I am Lexton one of your resident Prospects here in Atlas Defense Industries. If you do have any questions for me… please reach out to me via the PM System here on the forums as that’s the best way to reach out to me. I am comfortable to answer any questions you might have about the Organization, Divisions, Star Citizen and any Technical Questions you might have.

Again, Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries (ADI) !

Welcome to ADI SivageStu you have chosen a great place to learn about Star citizen and begin to organize all of the info that is out in the world about Star Citizen joining ADI was one of the smartest things I have done next to backing Star citizen lol. if you have any questions just send me a message. I will see you around

Hi SavageStu,

We might learn a few engineering tricks from you! Welcome to ADI and see you soon on mumble.

Bye changenl

hi SavageStu, welcome to the ORG. you sound like you have a great attitude. A good ship to hit that cargo runs. any way see you in 3.0 :slight_smile:

Hello SavageStu and welcome to ADI! You’ve found a great group of gamers to explore the verse with. Sounds like we have three divisions you may find interesting. Mining and Salvage, Commerce and Transport, and Exploration and Survey. I’m sure you’ll have fun working with any division. If you have any questions about SC or ADI please feel free to hit me up via PM here on the forum or on Discord. Welcome!

Hi SavageStu, welcome to ADI, you’ve joined the greatest ORG is the Verse! look forward to flying with you, I have an Aquila myself, love it! take care!

Popular ship! Thats one I still havent bought have had my eye on for a long time. How do you like it?

Welcome aboard!