Meeting Cliff notes

Hey guys. So just got back into town and checked my email. Saw i missed a big meeting :frowning:
Sadly with my current work schedule (6 days on 1 day off and 12 hr nightshift) meetings are hard to attend. So would it be possible for someone to send me the summary of the meeting or any important notes via PM? It would be greatly appreciated.



There were two recordings made by JayC of both meetings and I think they will be, or have been, uploaded for people who couldn’t attend. I will try and source these for you. We discussed a sort of 6 month plan, talked about check flights for specific jobs, assuring a high level of maturity among members and then quite a few questions were fielded by Team Leads, Directors and Board Members.

But, time to find that recording for you.


I haven’t uploaded them yet, I’ll get them up sometime this week.

Thank you Jay!

I didn’t even know there was a meeting. How are you able to tell?

About a week prior I got an email from ADI with the details. If you didn’t get one you may want to contact a Recruiter ( on Mumbel ) and check what email address they have on record for you. If it’s correct, you may want to check your spam filers and/or your junk email folder.

Also look at the links above and you’ll see Calendar, there you can see upcoming events. As an example look in March, looks like there will be some divisional meetings coming up.

Cheers :smiley:

In a group this large, it is imperitive that you check the forums regularly. It was posted in the forums, emails are sent out, word of mouth in teamspeak/mumble, and of course they are listed on the calendar. Again, with an organization that is this size and continuing to grow, it is on YOU to take initiative and make sure you are aware of all events going on.

Thanks TheMark! You were right. It was in spam. And I feel foolish for not checking the calender. Never had a guild use them before. I definitely appreciate you taking the time to work with me though. You sir, are awesome. :smiley:

Cool! Glad I could help Jurgis, do stop by when you can and check in when you can, we need ya buddy. I’ll fly with any member of the “Lone Star State”… anytime… anywhere! :smiley:

I think we just became best friends.

Have the notes been posted yet? If so where do we go to look at them.