May not be the place for this...(Photoshop)

Hey guys, this is a post regarding the contest for the coloring of a monochrome M-50 for Star Citizen. I’ve looked and looked, but I can’t find a way to map a pattern to the contours of the ship body (actually make it look painted-on,) or change the color scheme (was looking for shades of black and olive drab instead of black, white and grey) to make it look like the original material was still present! This was all I was able to do, and it took me 3 hours to do (including a 45 minute tutorial.)

In case you’re wondering, I mapped the camouflage pattern because I couldn’t figure out how to change the colors in a way that looked good. This was my fallback, but I’d also appreciate some tips on how to make this look good.

I need something better.

Very cool. I’m sure the Digital ACU camo may not really work for SC, but I still think it’s cool.

Also, I didn’t think that they said the paint scheme had to be monochrome. If I understood the main post correctly. I think something like a lambo yellow/black, yellow being the dominant color, would work wonderfully. Or perhaps a blue/black. Who knows. The challenge isn’t necessarily the color, but the color layout with the rest of the craft. Does it look out of place? Do the colors conform to the shapes and flow nicely with them?

If I had the skill for photoshop, I’d definitely try my hand at it, but unfortunately I don’t. :frowning:

Nice work though!

Oh, I think you misunderstood me! I wanted to do a skin of my own, replacing most of it with either olive drab and accenting it with black, or doing it in black and accenting it in black. However, I saw people doing things like this (pic1,) and I was wondering how I could just map a picture or replace the whites/greys with a black color, but still make it automatically correct the tones (where the shadows are and just all the different shades.)

(pic1) - See? It looks like it’s actually painted onto the ship…I just want to know how to make it look like that without using the “fill” tool.

Progress so far:

Oh, and yeah, if I knew how to replace the colors and make it look like a paintjob like the other people there, I WAS thinking about that one lambo with the stripe down the middle that goes down the seats too. I think that would look AMAZING on an M-50.

Okay, you had a great idea, so I’ve been teaching it to myself this whole time…this is all I could do so far.

I got another idea. How about a black and blue police style interceptor?

That is GENIUS! Not sure if I have the skills but I’ll start it very soon. All credit goes to you :smiley:

Pffttt not at all. You’re doing all the work. I just have some styling ideas, that’s all. Nothing more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, when I see an M50, I think Corvette. And the two popular Corvette colors tend to be yellow and red. Those colors primarily taking over most of the vehicle and then they have some black off-setting the primary color to give it that extra aggressive look in all the right locations.