Hello, my name is mario, i am from norway and i am 29 years old

I am a global elite, Faceit level 8-10 CSGO player. I am looking to join or at one point run an elite infiltration unit. And i am mostly interested in the FPS aspect. However maybe with some transporting on the sides

I have been a fps player for 15 years, so if there is a possibility to be taught how to fly at an elite level that is also something i am interested in.

I own a Cutlass black, Dragonfly and the C8X PISCES

welcome Mario,

it would seem like as a marine in fleet security you could put those skills to work.

Great to have you on @mario-milanista. We have a group of people with many different skill sets. We can learn from one another. I don’t consider myself an expert pilot or FPS player but I’m always up for improving my skills and having fun. Can’t wait to see what you are capable of on some bunker raids.

Hi Mario, Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen. The Cutlass Black will serve you well, it is a good all round jack-of-all type. Hope to see you in the verse some time.

Welcome to ADI Mario. I never got into CSGO, somehow I missed that one, probably during my Skyrim years. Anyways, it’s great to have you on the team. I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome to the team, Mario! With your experience and interest I think you’d make a great fit inside Fleet Security. Not only will that division allow you to hone your craft, but it’ll give you the opportunity to develop other members to bring them up to that elite status you currently reside at. If you haven’t already, check out the mass ops which ADI hosts regularly. That’ll be a great way to cut your teeth and see how we run missions.

Hey @mario-milanista, welcome! Sounds like you love you some FPS like I love me some FPS! What games are you into lately? Just CSGO? Or do you have others your into? Just curious. Feel free to say hi if you see me in Mumble!

Welcome to ADI, @mario-milanista. Always great to have faces from the far north regions among the membership. If FPS is you thing then it sounds like you’ll be well set with getting our marine certification and getting integrated with the squads. You’ve got a great all around starting fleet built and that cutlass black is one of the best all around starter ships there is. Looking forward to seeing you in the Verse.

Welcome mariomilanista! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Hello Mario, welcome in the team and thanks for joining Atlas. I wish you a good time in our organisation and hope to see you in the verse.

Thank you all!

@Mendu I only play CSGO really, as I dont like picking a game up unless i am interested in getting really really good at it.

Welcome to the Atlas and congrats on the Cutlass its a fine ship and able to carry that Dragonfly properly.

@mario-milanista That’s fair. I think my only recent FPS games have been Overwatch and Ring of Elysium (granted the latter has a 3rd person option). Naturally I’ve played … a lot of them historically, I just mean in the last year or so. I actually stopped playing Overwatch because it became kind of a second job and stopped being fun. Do you find you deal with that kind of burnout when you’re getting competitive at all?

@Mendu Tbh, CSGO is a game without a real skill ceiling, there is always a pro pushing the boundaries and so the entire community follows. CSGO in particular is very much a grind, where you have to pracitce movement mechanics as well as aiming, plan your every step for every round, if you take up a position you need to have a fall back route etc. CSGO is very much a grind where the more you sit preparing in empty servers by yourself the more benefits you reap when playing.

I dont really play competitive anymore, i have not been in a proper team since my teens, even tho each match is “competitive” its not really organised. And CSGO is above all a team game. I dont really compete for anyting other than my own rank, and i mostly play it for fun, but its fun to atleast be somewhat decent.

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Hi Mario - wow, that’s some achievement, I tend to be average at FPS games at best. I’m definitely into transporting goods, although you might be more referring to troop transports? There are plenty of excellent pilots in ADI, so I’m sure you’ll be well looked after here.

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