Hello Ladies and Gents,

My real name is Phil, but I just go by Malcom for most online games. I’ve been following Star Citizen since 2014 and have been patiently keeping tabs on development as things have progressed. I’m really looking forward to 3.0 (duh lol) and I can’t wait to jump back into the cockpit with some new content. I started with an Aurora and moved up to a Reliant Kore, and the new Cutlass revamp has me seriously tempted for another upgrade. I plan to mainly be a merchant, but I expect that I will eventually want to experience everything that Star Citizen will have to offer. With that being said, I’ll always be willing to dump my cargo, hit the afterburner, and rush to the aid of an Org mate.

In real life, I just got my degree in History Education and I currently play BF1 and PUBG when I have the time. Thank you to Notuh who sent me a recruitment message on Spectrum. I hadn’t really been looking for an Org at this stage of development, but you guys look to be top notch. I look forward to getting to know ADI and experiencing 3.0 with you all! Cheers.


Welcome aboard Malcom - it was great talking to you during your on-boarding.
Looking forward to gaming with you.

Hey Malcom!

Welcome! Glad we got a hold of you! We have a few more weeks until 3.0 comes out and we find ourselves addicted to the PU once more, until then the PU BG (ahh see what I did there) has definitely been the game of choice for quite a few folks. Hope to see you on Mumble and get some games in!

Love history, have quite a few college friends that ended up in the education field in mathematics and history. Great place to be, good challenge!

See you soon!

Welcome Malcom!

We’re glad to have you in the organization! We will definitely need traders like yourself to keep the cogs of ADI turning.

If you’re looking to try out any of the larger ships let me know and I’m happy to let you try 'em out sometime (Though, I don’t have a cutlass :/). See you in the 'verse!


Thanks for the offer! o7

Welcome to ADI. Things should take off once 3.0 hits. Until then, see you around the verse.

PS. What is Pubg?

PUBG stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. It’s a great battle royale style game that’s very popular. I gather that many ADI members play…there’s dedicated channels for it on Mumble. It’s currently in early access and is $30 on Steam. It’s a ton of fun, and rather addictive. They’re adding new stuff consistently and I heard they just sold over 6 million copies so far. There’s tons of twitch streamers and youtube videos of it. Definitely worth checking out.

Hello Malcom,

Welcome, we’re glad you’re here. 3.0 is going to be awesome and I share your excitement. SC is a huge universe to explore and it’ll be great to see this next patch. I hope to see you around soon. All the best!

Hello MalcomZiran,

Welcome to ADI. Nice you join our org. I hope 3.0 comes soon to get more opportunities to play the game and meet more ADI members at the same time. Meanwhile, we see us in discord-mumble and the verse.

See you soon.

Notuh leading the charge!!

Welcome buddy, great to have you aboard.
Really looking forward to 3.0 like yourself so we can put name to voices on a regular basis!

See you in the verse!