Making credits

Hey guys, quick question what would be the best way to start making credits with limited ships?

Right now, unless you have a mining set up, bounties are probably your best bet.


Echo what Thaeus said. Mining and Bounties (probably Bounties then mining if speed/time is a concern). Of course as with mining you’ll want the right ship to do bounties.

On the bright side for 3.13.1 they have added a “commodity alert” to the Journal (not mission). It shows where and what commodities are at high volume (low buy) and low volume (high buy). I’ve tested it a couple of times and the problem is the commodities have been low-end items so far…so not a lot of actual profit unless hauling massive amounts. Will wait and see what Live gives us.

I am expecting with the release of the C2/M2 during Invictus, trading may be decent.

I’d add that even if you don’t have a top tier combat ship, mumble groups regularly do bounty stringing where everyone shares them out and does multiple bounties at the same time. You can pair up with someone and stay relatively safe while soaking in the aUEC from the group.

When you say “limited ships”, what ships do you have?

aurora MR is the only ship i do own at the moment

If you want to hop on today, I can lend you a combat ship.

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I can load in now, cheers for the offer.

I’m on mumble now if you want to log in. I also sent you a friend request.

The MR just gets you into the game. I started the same way.
Once you get a few creds, I’d recommend thinking about buying, in game, the ship you want to best continue making creds. My recommendation would be an Avenger Titan, which, loaded with a C788 and 2 M5, I can use up to VHRT bounties. It also does well the job it was made for – running boxes (that’s how I made my money to arm it for bounties).
Buying into mining is pricier, as one has to buy a transport (Cutlass Black is cheapest for that level of hauling) as well as a mining rig (Prospector is 2M, but one could also go Roc to load in Cutlass).

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Ill have to check that out. Waiting for live to play with my C2 and do mass hauling ill be able to better confirm this.

Also do you know how it works? I’m reading it in the journal and it says commodity is either understock or overstock.

So does overstock mean buy it from there, then go somewhere that has that same commodity marked as understock and sell it there for profit?

So in short Overstock = buy and Understock = sell?

The issue with trading is that the stock is global and it gets constantly drained. When 3.13 got to ptu, supply of profitable commodities seemed good. You could run a CAT filled up with laranite/titan and make a decent coin. But when it hit live - all I could get was 3 laranite and 50 titan. It would take hours to fill a CAT and then CBD was full so you had to wait again. If these new alerts work the same way with current prices - it won’t be worth it, even in big quantities. But we’ll see).
Mining is a decent alternative to bounties. Especially quantanium.

Then maybe they need to open up locations that will only accept larger one time stops. Something to limit the and allow larger ships to benefit from that medium and small ships dont get to. Maybe the prices are higher at this location but you can only trade it if you have this much scu which would only be possible with a cat or c2. So if you decided to pay to get a larger ship, you have the benefit of this.

They will adress it eventually. Perhaps not with herc, but definitely when Hull C gets to us with 4600 capacity :slight_smile:

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Hopefully soon, just bounty hunting and mining gets old after awhile when your intentions for the game is more logistical.

As Thaeus pointed out, several of us have ships we’re happy to loan out if you want to test-fly them. I’d happily loan out any of my mining gear, most of my combat ships, or have you join me in a terrestrial mining expedition.

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