Making a website

Hello Friends,

I’m going to be opening a small business for my video game studio. I’m curious on what it takes to make a website that is as good as ADI’s. What are the costs? How much programming experience do I need? What is it like to maintain it? I would be making it to be a front for potential customers to view and see our projects. What are your guys’ thoughts?

well first up, how big do you want it to be?
is it a small company, or a bigger one…?
and does it need a webshop or not? how about a forum, contact pages, affiliates?

it would be easier for you if you wrote down a list of what you want the site to provide for you or rather potential costumers…

There are definitely some good web guys in ADI, who should be able to offer some solid advice.

A business present website will run between 3500 and 15000 depending on the features that it needs.