Making a video after 2.4 patch

Hello members,

I am here to see if anyone would like to help me make a video showcasing the firepower of Saber vs Super Hornet comparison video once 2.4 is out? I would prefer someone who has or potentially could have (REC) all weapons, who has or can get (REC) Super Hornet or Saber through REC to test with. For me, I have ¤1,191,411 REC to spend so no problem.

Thank you,

Edit: Forgot to mention, my time zone is +10 GMT.

Sounds fun!

I’m -6 GMT … if that makes any difference.

Tap me if you see me in Mumble.

Thank you, I should be free this Saturday (your late friday). I should be able to stay late too for your Early Saturday. Which ever works. :smiley:

I was on here&there Friday, but not Saturday. Maybe next weekend will work out better…