MAJ. Adam Jackson reporting for duty!

New to the game, new to the Org, just wanted to say hi and see whats up, I’m working on getting mumble going, though I’m new to that too =) thanks for the invite and I look foreward to 3.0 and fun to follow!

Welcome Aboard Adam Jackson!

Hope your on boarding goes smoothly and you find your footing here within Atlas Defense Industries. If you have any questions about the Organization, Star Citizen or any technical issues I might be able to help with. Be sure to reach out to me via the PM System here on the forums.

Again, Welcome to ADI!

Awesome thankyou, I’m in mumble and hangin out, I met Rax and am talkin to Lex, very cool. thanks again!

Welcome AdamJackson! Was a pleasure getting to know you during onboarding :slight_smile:

Hello MAJ. Adam Jackson. Welcome to ADI.

We were all new once, and you’ve found a great place to learn. Many members here have a lot of knowledge about the game and are happy to help answer questions. Be sure to check out the calendar too for ADI meetings. These can be a great opportunity to learn more about both ADI and Star Citizen.

Glad to have you on board. Safe flying out there.

Welcome to ADI AdamJackson you have found a great place to play and learn, what division are you looking at and what is it you would like to be doing in game I’m a combat guy and will be spending most of my time defending our resources and members.

Hi AdamJackson,

Welcome aboard 3.0 has got us all learning again :smiley:

Catch you soon online!