Hi Everyone,

Pistolcb put me on to the ADI org. First time joining an org and this one looks pretty good. Hoping to run a few mission as a marine dropship pilot and cargo runs on the slow days.


Hello MadGenie and welcome to ADI! We definitely have a few divisions you’d be interested in! If you find you have any questions about ADI or SC in general, please don’t hesitate to ask them. You’re joining a very positive and mature group of players that are always willing to help each other out. You can reach me via PM here or on Discord; feel free to hit me up any time. Welcome aboard!

Hello MadGenie! Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries, glad to have you with us, the name’s Marcko and I am in Exploration & Survey, look me up if you have any questions, need help, or want someone to fly with, see you in the Verse’

Hi madgenie,
Welcome to ADI. Nice interest you have. I’m looking forward to dogfighting, trade and and …too much to do :slight_smile: the game is going to be great!

See you soon on mumble,
Bye changenl