Hello All,

I’m a 37 yo guy from France and although i rarely play online, i have been following SC since late 2014.
I’m not much into the whole org thing usually but ADI seem solid and the movie mixing “wanderers” and SC is really awesome (congratulations to whoever made it by the way :smiley: ) so i decided that if i had to play SC with a recurring group, ADI seem to be the best option.
See you around !

Great to have you on board MadDuncan! I definitely recommend getting acclimated prior to 3.0 so you can get the most out of SC and being an ADI member:)

Hop on Mumble and Discord when you’re around, you may find some good reasons to play online a bit more with this crew!

Welcome to ADI, glad for the chat we had earlier, I feel much better, knowing you’ll be there to get me home, when my ship is shot to pieces!

Welcome to ADI glad to have you.

Hello MadDuncan,

I’m to hear ADI was so appealing to you. I joined for similar reasons. This org is really organized and active. I love it here and I’m sure you will too. I hope you get settled in well in the following days. All the best to you

Hi Duncan,

i’m happy to see you on the forum, was a nice talk in spectrum chat, so next step would be, to hear each other on mumble or see each other during a flight night


Hello MadDuncan

Bienvenue au club.
You know where you can reach us if you need help or infos about us and the org.
Have fun and we see us soon in the verse.